About BallparkReviews.com

I started BallparkReviews.com back in January of 1997, though for the first five years it went simply by “Brian Merzbach’s Ballpark Home Page”.  When I decided to create the website, there was only a couple other sites dedicated to showcasing minor league ballparks, which was the primary reason for launching it.

My love of ballparks goes back to when I was a kid.  My biggest inspiration was probably my uncle who took a cross country trip back in 1977 to visit all the MLB ballparks.  In 1986 (at just 12 years old), I was lucky enough to accompany my uncle on another trip during which we saw games at Fulton County Stadium, Arlington Stadium, and Busch Stadium.  By 1988, my family started taking annual road trips to see various minor league parks in the northeast.

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