Hadlock Field
Portland, Maine
Year Opened

Current Team
Portland Seadogs

Boston Red Sox

Eastern League


Location Map

My Grades
Stadium B- Atmosphere A- Concessions B+

Photos taken in 2002
I am not as big a fan of Hadlock Field as some people are. Maybe it's just that every time I've been it's been rainy, but I don't think so. The stadium has a rather cheap feel to it as many of the seats are aluminum, which makes for a very treacherous time when it rains. There is no cover for any of the seating either. This park does have some unique features however. There is a coliseum that stands down the right field line, which has a red brick exterior. Some have called this "Camdenesque", though I don't think I'd go that far. Also, in center field there is a light house that appears and sounds a fog horn every time a Sea Dog player hits a home run. In left field, a mini Green Monster was erected to coincide with the Sea Dogs becoming a Red Sox affiliate. The concession and souvenir stands are housed in the large concourse area located underneath the seating areas. There is a wide variety of concessions including fish sandwiches and "Sea Dog" platters. Surprisingly, there is no actual gift store. The mascot is extremely popular here, as would be expected from the popularity of their cap. Parking around the park is very limited, and what can be found is a bit expensive (usually $4 - $5). Hadlock Field is certainly not one of my favorites in the Eastern League, probably better than only Harrisburg.
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