Three Rivers Stadium
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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My Grades
Stadium D+ Atmosphere C Concessions B

Photos taken in 2000 & 1995 & 2008
Good riddance to Three Rivers. After the Pirates played their last game here in 2000, I don't recall hearing about too many people shedding tears. After sharing this park with the football Steelers for 30 years, the Pirates got their own new park in 2001. Three Rivers Stadium was simply not a good place to take in a game. The park was not configured for baseball, so sightlines were not good. The field was artificial turf. The concourse areas were dark and dingy. The park was completely enclosed so that you couldn't see the surroundings. About the only good aspect of the park was the relatively cheap prices. The Pirates had tried to dress up the park in recent years by putting banners over the empty seats in the outfield, but no amount of work was going to make this a better baseball park. A rather depressing place to watch a baseball game, and one that won't be missed. The last two photos above show the historical marker and one remaining beam of Three Rivers Stadium, both located just outside of Heinz Field.
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