Hard Rock Stadium
Miami, Florida
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My Grades
Stadium C+
Atmosphere B
Concessions B+

Photos taken in 1999
I really wasn't expecting much of Pro Player Stadium (now named Hard Rock Stadium) as I'm always skeptical of football stadiums that are converted into baseball fields. But they have done a nice job in Miami - probably as good as you can do with a football stadium. They have put some nice touches on the park which make it at least somewhat unique. The high wall in left field with the out of town scoreboard is the one feature I particularly like. The setting here is nothing special as it's situated in a parking lot north of the city. It's completely enclosed so you can't see outside anyhow, which is just as well. The concourse area is plenty big and features many good concession and souvenir stands. It also has many picnic tables where fans and can sit and eat their food, a feature I always appreciate. Because it was built for football, the seating and sight lines here are not the best. The seats are a bit far from the action as the foul territory is quite large. Overall, a better baseball park than I expected. After many years of haggling for a new ballpark in Miami, the Marlins finally got their new ballpark in 2012.
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