Hunter Wright Stadium
Kingsport, Tennessee
Year Opened

Current Team
Kingsport Mets

New York Mets

Appalachian League


My Grades
Stadium B- Atmosphere NG Concessions NG

Photos taken in 2004
Hunter Wright Stadium is one of four Appalachian League parks within about a 20 mile radius, joining Johnson City, Elizabethton, and Bristol. Among the 4, this is the newest. It is very similar to the new park that has been built in Danville. The seating is all metal with bucket seats behind home plate and bleachers down both foul lines. It is set in a secluded area of the town and about the only scenery around the park is trees and some newly constructed elderly housing. Probably one of the better facilities in the Appalachian League, but not one I'm in any rush to see a game at.
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