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I welcome all email from visitors to my site. I especially enjoy hearing from other ballpark fans who may have differing opinions on particular ballparks. If you want to drop me a note, my email address is Before sending an email, please keep in mind the following :

1) Any photo you see on my site is available for sale in digital format. Please contact me for pricing information.

2) I have no affiliation with any particular team or ballpark. So if you have a question about an event taking place at a specific ballpark, I would suggest contacting the team that plays there. In most cases, I have the team website address posted on their ballpark page.

3) Currently I do not have directions to any ballparks posted on my site. Many visitors have asked for this and it's something I'm considering adding in the future. In the meantime, I would again suggest visiting the website of the team who plays at the particular ballpark you're interested in finding. For ballparks that have no teams currently playing there, drop me a note and I can probably help out.

4) Because I have no affiliation with any ballpark, I cannot help with getting tickets to any concerts. I would always suggest checking Ticketmaster first as they control the tickets to 90% of the concerts.

Thanks for your interest in my site and I look forward to hearing from you !

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