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Other Ballpark Sites :

Charlie O'Reilly's Photos - Photos of over 400 Major and Minor League parks. Also includes reviews of most of the parks. Charlie is the gold standard when it comes to ballpark collecting.
Ballparks of the Minor Leagues - Paul Crumlish has put together a nice web site with numerous photos and reviews of minor league parks.
Gary Jarvis' Minor League Ballpark Photos - Many great photos along with some insightful and witty reviews. Unfortunately, Gary decided to "retire" from ballpark collecting in 2006, so this site is no longer updated.
Paul's Baseball Stadium Pages - Paul Hamann's quest to see a baseball game in every state. His witty reviews are a blast to read and are supplemented by some nice photos.
Baseball Stadium Reviews - Amanda Lippert has a great site that is dedicated to reviewing the ballparks she's visited. Features nice photos and detailed reviews for over 100 different parks so far. Her honest reviews are often entertaining and dead on.
Baseball Pilgrimages - Nice site run by Graham Knight featuring reviews and photos of many Major and Minor League ballparks as well as articles and other info related to ballparks.
BaseballParks.Com - Joe Mock has put together a nice site with comments on his favorite (and least favorite) Major and Minor League parks. Also included are some photos of the parks he has visited. Joe frequently updates his site with detailed reviews of all the new parks that open.
Tim and Jill's Arenas and Stadiums - a relatively new site which documents a couple's travels to various ballparks and arenas.
Mike Castro's Fields Of Dreams - Photos of both major and minor league parks accompanied by detailed reviews. Mike is a great photographer, so his photos are some of the best on the web. Unfortunately, his website has not been updated in a couple years, so he may have stopped actively collecting ballparks.
Tom's Minor League Ballpark Page - Photos and reviews of several minor league parks. Another site which has not had any recent updates.
Ballparks by Munsey and Suppes - Photos and Information on current and past MLB stadiums. A great resource for finding basic information.
Franks' Ball Parks - A fun site with some nice photos and honest reviews of about 40 major and minor league parks. Unfortunately, another site with no recent updates.
Small Parks - A slick web site from Jeff Lecrone who has visited many ballparks in the Northeast. Includes pictures, videos, and reviews. Not sure what's happened to Jeff, as his site has not been updated for several years.
Mike McCann's Quest - A web site from another man who wants to visit every major and minor league park in America. 
Sean and Aya's Road Trip - Site dedicated to a 6 month trip to visit all the MLB park and many minor league parks.
Baseball Road Trip - Andrea and Jim have spent the last several summers traveling the U.S. visiting ballparks. This website documents their travels with detailed reviews and photos of each park.
Dave Becker's Minors Blog - online journal documenting a trip around the minors during the summer of '05

Rochester Area Ballparks - website featuring photos mostly of Western New York and Pennyslvania parks.

Ballparks Across America - Steve Contursi provides photo essays of many MLB parks and a handful or minor league parks.
Stadium Journey - Website dedicated to reviewing sports venues of all kinds in the United States. A relatively new site, but new reviews are posted almost daily.
Ballpark Business - One of the best sites reporting ballpark news.
Cape League Tourist - A great blog dedicating to chronicling the parks of the Cape Cod League (summer collegiate).
Ballpark Chasers - a social networking site for ballpark fans to share their exeriences and travels.
30 Ballparks in 30 Days - website which documents the travels of 3 guys who visited all the MLB ballparks in 30 days during the 2012 season.
Ballpark Savvy - a cool site which has tips for saving money as you visit all the MLB ballparks.

Specific Ballpark Sites: - dedicated to preserving the history of this classic Brooklyn ballpark.

Minor Leagues:

National Association of Minor League Baseball - The official site of the Minor Leagues, a great source for team information as well as schedules and player listings. 
Baseball America On-Line - Web site of the best baseball magazine around. Contains articles, schedules, and box scores from all minor leagues including the Independent leagues. A great resource.
Midwest League Guide - A comprehensive look at the league including historical information as well as general info on the current teams. 
Our Sports Central - the best links site for finding articles about minor league baseball.  Updated daily throughout the year.
Frontier League Team Histories - fellow ballpark collector Tim Perry has put together a nice site detailing the history of the Frontier League, including photos of all the parks that have been used.
Minor League Ballpark - provides league histories and links to all the minor league team websites.

Major Leagues:

Major League Baseball - The official site of the Major Leagues. 
Retrosheet - Home Page of an organization collecting game accounts from every major league game since 1900. 
Red - Official home page of my favorite baseball team. Includes player information and recaps of every game. 
Baseball Prospectus - For statistical analysis and opinions.
Baseball Guru - Site dedicated to everything baseball, mostly concerning the Majors.

Misc. Sites:

The Baseball Stadium Insider - Matt Lupica's detailed guide to all the MLB ballparks which will be published in April 2015.
Rally Caps, Rain Delays, and Racing Sausages - website for the book of the same name. Eric Kabakoff writes about his experiences of visiting all 30 MLB ballparks over the past 3 decades. Looks like a great read ! - site from an artist offering a print of Wrigley Field. - website where you can find comments on specific seats for all the MLB ballparks.
The Baseball Stadium Insider - website where you can order the book by the same name, authored by Matt Lupica.
Burik Model Design - offers custom made Lego models of ballparks.
Stadium Drawings Blog - blog with some ideas for new ballparks.
Historic Baseball - as the name implies, a great resource for the history of baseball.
Early Era Baseball Photos - site that offers some photos of older ballparks for sale.
History of Baseball Trivia - provides some interesting historical facts about baseball and the ballparks where its been played

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