Hooker Field
Martinsville, Virginia
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Stadium D Atmosphere B- Concessions B-

Photos taken in 2002
Hooker Field was probably one of the worst parks in use in the minor leagues during its final years of use as a pro facility, but this mattered little. The Appalachian League is one of the few leagues left that hasn't sold out to big time investors looking to make a buck. And I hope they never do. While Hooker Field was not a great place to see a game, it was nice to know that a small town like Martinsville with a subpar ballpark could still play host to professional baseball. And it is just about the baseball in the Appy League. There really isn't much to Hooker Field - a small grandstand behind home plate with individual seats, a metal bleacher section down the first base line, and some benches built into the hill down the 3rd base line. Sightlines are terrible here as there is a fence blocking the view from almost every seat in the park. Concessions are located below the press box and feature only basic ballpark fare, but at reasonable prices. A souvenir stand ("Astros Attic") is located above the 3rd base seating area. The Astros had a mascot ("Orbit") and did the standard between inning games (Race The Mascot, Dizzy, etc.) But overall it was a very pure baseball experience and had the feel of a high school game more than a pro game. In some way, though, it's enjoyable to watch a 13-10 game with 20 walks as I witnessed here. Unfortunately, the Astros moved to a new ballpark in Greeneville, TN for the 2004 season. But Hooker Field still receives some use by amateur teams, as a collegiate league team, the Martinsville Mustangs, has set up shop here.
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