Christy Matthewson Hometown
Factoryville, Pennsylvania
Factoryville is the birthplace and hometown of Hall of Fame pitcher Christy Matthewson. The town has certainly not forgotten this as there are several rememberances of him. The most prominent of these is the town park named after him. Here you will find a small statue of Matthewson as well as a couple of plaques describing his accomplishments. In the center of Factoryville, there is a large mural which proclaims that this is the "Hometown of Christy Matthewson." In addition, an historical marker is located on the campus of Keystone College. It is unlikely that most people will find themselves in Factoryville, but it is just a 30 minute ride from Moosic where the Scranton-Wilkes Barre franchise plays, and well worth a visit.
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