TD Bank Ballpark
Bridgewater, New Jersey
Year Opened

Current Team
Somerset Patriots


Atlantic League


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My Grades
Stadium A- Atmosphere C Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2003 & 2008 & 2005 & 2007
The Atlantic League has made a habit of going into densely populated suburbs of big cities - and Bridgewater is no exception - it is a rapidly growing suburb of New York City. The park opened in 1999, and what a beautiful new park it is. Though only part of the independent Atlantic League, this park is better than the majority of double A parks. TD Bank Ballpark is set off of a main road that is rapidly being developed. The park is very similar to many other new parks being built - most resembling nearby Mercer County Ballpark in Trenton. The concourse is located behind the last row of seats and is covered by the luxury boxes above. It is quite wide and offers a large gift shop as well as several concession stands. Unfortunately, the press box is also located on the concourse, which means there is a dark spot behind homeplate where fans cannot see the field. The variety of concessions is quite good, though on the expensive side as can be expected in a New York suburb. Food options include Italian sausages, chicken fingers, cheesesteaks, Famous Dave's BBQ, as well as several "healthy" alternatives (salads, wraps, etc.) A picnic area is located past the seating area in left field and a small grassy berm where fans can sit is located in the right field corner. The large scoreboard with a video screen is situated in right field. A high definition screen was installed before the 2008 season, but because a net was installed to protect it, the picture always appears grainy. The seating area is split by a small concourse in the middle. The concourse seems pointless, though as it doesn't lead anywhere. More seats could have been put closer to the action if not for this middle concourse. A mascot named Sparkey was on hand to entertain the kids, but was really out of sight most of the game. In 2007, the Patriots added a second mascot, Slider. The typical between inning promotions were performed. My only real complaint with TD Bank Ballpark is the atmosphere. Because of its location in a wealthy suburb, there are always tons of spoiled, bratty kids running around with no interest in the game. This can make for an obnoxious night at the park. Other than that, I like Somerset's park quite a bit - it is a nice, clean, comfortable place to take in a ball game.
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