Angel Stadium
Anaheim, California
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Los Angeles Angels


American League


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Stadium A-
Atmosphere A-
Concessions B

Photos taken in 2004
For someone who didn't know the history of Angel Stadium, it would be hard to believe that it was once a multi-purpose facility rather than a park built during the wave of building since 1990. But this is evidence of what over $100 million in renovations can do. Once the Rams left town, the Angels decided to spend the money to make their park feel almost brand new. While I never saw a game at the pre-renovated ballpark, I have to believe what they have now is a vast improvement. The exterior of Angel Stadium is well manicured and features two large replica hats at the main entrance. Also in the parking lot in the big A that was originally located behind the outfield fence. Too bad that the renovations didn't include moving the A back to its original spot. Inside there are four levels of seating, each with its concourse area. The 200 level concourse is the biggest and allows fans to circle the ballpark entirely. It also overlooks the field, which is a feature more commonly found in newer ballparks, not ones built in the 60's. On the bottom concourse, two food courts have been built which are actually outside the park. They feature several concession stands and numerous seating areas to enjoy your food at. Overall, the concessions are well varied (Chinese, BBQ, sausages, pizza) and prices are reasonable for an MLB park. Some may bemoan the lack of vegetarian options here, though. As part of the renovations, all new fold down seats were installed. Sightlines are good from most seats and the upper deck actually does not feel as high as in some new parks. The atmosphere is festive, but not "Disney-ized" like I was expecting. Apparently the new owners have tried to distance themselves from the previous Disney-led organization. Music was blared over the sound system, but it was a combination of both rock and organ music. For California, the setting could be better, but at least there are some mountains that can be seen in the distance. Also, the renovations included the building of a rock garden with fountains in the outfield. Even though it is fake, it does add some charm to the ballpark. People were quite friendly, but the there were a few too many ushers roaming the park. At least they weren't too restrictive (except near home plate). Going into my first visit at Angel Stadium, I was not expecting much, but came away liking it quite a bit. In fact, it is probably better than several of the parks that have been built over the last decade. The renovations here prove that a brand new stadium isn't the only option.
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