Ballpark At Harbor Yard
Bridgeport, Connecticut
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Stadium B+
Atmosphere A-
Concessions B+

Photos taken in 2002 & 2008
The Ballpark at HarborYard is one of the eight new parks that have been built for the independent Atlantic League. When it first opened in 1998, it was hard to argue that it was the jewel of the league. But since that time, parks in Lancaster and Camden have clearly outdone Bridgeport. It has a similar layout to many other Double-A and Atlantic League parks that have been built in recent years. It has luxury boxes, as well as an open concourse area above the seating bowl (though unfortunately it does not circle the park). While you must walk up a flight of steps to get into the park, once inside all the steps go down to the seating sections. The open concourse area contains numerous concession stands as well as a small souvenir shop. The best aspect of the ballpark is probably the backdrop. In left field, the new HarborYard Arena (built in 2001) sits just 10 feet beyond the outfield wall. In right field is a big factory building. And extending from center to right is a set of railroad tracks on which trains roll by throughout the game. The tracks are elevated on a nice brick wall, enhancing the backdrop even more. Several familiar on-field promotions are done between innings - dizzy bat race, race the mascot (B.B. the Bluefish), etc. Starting in 2008, the onfield DJ was LI Sounder, who used to be one of the mascots. The fans really seem into the game most of the time despite these distractions. Concessions are well varied and include philly cheese steaks, italian sausages, chicken fingers, burgers, and roast beef sandwiches. The quality of concessions was poor here at first, but has improved in recent years. Parking around the park is plentiful, but the fee is unreasonable at $4. Bridgeport remains a decent draw, though the novelty is not what it once was and attendance has leveled off the past few years. Still a nice park in a great urban setting. Unfortunately, 2017 was the last season for the Bluefish (and baseball) as the city decided to turn the ballpark into an amphitheater for concerts. For a panoramic of the grandstand, click here.
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