Bringhurst Field
Alexandria, Louisiana
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Stadium B
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Concessions B-

Photos taken in 2006
Bringhurst Field certainly harkens back to a different era of minor league baseball, so I was happy to learn that pro baseball was returning here in 2006 after a one year hiatus, as this afforded me an opportunity to see a game here. Located on the outskirts of town (next to the city zoo), Bringhurst Field has been home to teams in numerous leagues since its opening in 1934, but the teams have almost always been knows as the Aces. The ballpark consists of a large wooden grandstand where most fans seem content to bring in lawn chairs or else just sit on the flooring (there are no benches). One neat aspect of the grandstand is the electric fans that have been installed on each of the posts in order to keep the fans cool in the hot Louisiana summer. In addition to the grandstand seating, there are four rows of box seats, a bleacher section down each line, and two corporate party decks (the closest thing they have to luxury boxes). The concourse, which is quite narrow (reminiscent of Veterans Memorial Stadium I in Cedar Rapids), is located underneath the grandstand. It features several concession stands and a small souvenir store. Concessions are rather basic with the only unique items being boudin and polish sausages. Prices on everything at Bringhurst are very affordable : tickets are just $3, programs are just $1, parking is free. The atmosphere definitely has a small town or community feel to it. While a few between inning games were done and the team does have a mascot (Alex the Ace), the focus seems to be mostly on baseball. And it seems as if that's what the fans want as I witnessed some of the most vocal (although obnoxious) fans I've ever come across. The only complaint I have with Bringhurst Field is the large chain link fence and netting with protects the entire grandstand. This obscures the sightlines quite a bit, especially in the box seats. I just don't understand the need for such a large net. Overall, though, I really enjoyed my visit to Bringhurst - it's an old time ballpark with a good baseball atmosphere, something that can't be found much anymore. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that baseball will be played here in the near future. A fire destroyed the clubhouse building in 2014 and shortly thereafter the grandstand was deemed unsafe. In 2017, the outfield fence and scoreboard were removed and the playing field was turned into a "green space" for community use. While the grandstand is still standing, its future has not yet been decided.
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