Chase Field
Phoenix, Arizona
Year Opened

Current Team
Arizona Diamondbacks


National League


Location Map

My Grades
Stadium A-
Atmosphere B-
Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2006 & 2009
Chase Field fits in quite well with its surroundings. It is a modern stadium in a modern city. Because the city is so spread out and lacks many skyscrapers, Chase Field really sticks out in the skyline. Built with a retractable roof, the ballpark feels very big and spacious. Also, because it is completely enclosed, there is a complete lack of place. But despite the physical setting, Chase Field is still a decent place to see a game. When the roof is off (which is was for both games I attended), it really feels like an outdoor ballpark (unlike Miller Park in Milwaukee). Chase Field is a typical MLB ballpark with three levels of seating : field level, club level, and the upper deck. For the most part, the field level seats provide good sightlines as they are angled towards the infield. While I didn't sit in the upper deck for a game, it didn't appear to feel as high as other new parks like Coors Field and Great American Ballpark. Both levels feature wide concourses loaded with concession stands to appease every fan's appetite. The choices seem endless : Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, BBQ, and McDonald's are just some of the selections. Also, there is a "Taste of the Majors" stand which has unique items from each of the 16 NL cities. The quality of the food is good and the prices average for an MLB ballpark. The most unique (or perhaps gimmicky) aspect of Chase Field is the swimming pool located behind the right field fence. While a big deal is always made about it, it is hardly noticeable when you're there. The only real negative I could find about the ballpark was the atmosphere. It is a bit "minor league" at times as there are silly contests and games between almost every inning. Also, if you like to roam around to different sections in the ballpark, be sure to do so well before the game starts, as the ushers check tickets closely. Chase Field is located in the Copper District of Phoenix, which is basically just an area loaded with bars, restaurants, and movie theatres. Parking is plentiful and rather cheap by MLB standards. The closest garage only charges $10, but if you don't mind a short walk, lots which charge $3 - $7 are also located nearby. Overall, Chase Field is a nice ballpark, but the lack of intimacy and the "baseball in a box" setting prevent it from being one of my favorites.
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