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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Photos taken in 1996
Bud Selig never knew what he had with County Stadium. This was a classic ballpark that should have been marketed as one, but instead Selig let the park fall apart and continually whined about how he needed a new ballpark. Well, he finally got his new ballpark in 2001, some 4 1/2 years after construction started. I am sad to see County Stadium go. Though I made just one visit here, it ranks in my top 5 Major League ballparks. The seats were close to the action, both on the main level and in the upper deck. And many of the seats were covered - always a plus to me. The concourse area, while hidden from the playing field, offered some of the tastiest concessions. While they didn't have a great variety of concessions, it was cheap and portions large. You haven't had a bratwurst until you come to Milwaukee and had a brat drenched in their secret stadium sauce. Before the new park was being built, the backdrop offered no unique scenery. For the last few years of its existence, the construction of Miller Park provided the backdrop. Access to the ballpark was easy and there was plenty of parking around it. Adding to the atmosphere, many people chose to tailgate before the game. It was really an amazing site to see almost everyone who parks, immediately pull a grill out of their vehicle and start cooking. County Stadium may not be missed by many, but it will be by me - as everything about it added up to a great baseball experience.
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