Fenway Park
Boston, Massachusetts
Year Opened

Current Team
Boston Red Sox


American League


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My Grades
Stadium A+
Atmosphere A+
Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2011 & 2009 & 2006 & 2008 & 2005
Fenway Park is far and away my favorite ballpark to see at a game at. Being a diehard Red Sox fan, I may be a bit biased, but it's hard to beat the atmosphere and uniqueness of this classic old ballpark. The great atmosphere starts outside the park where concessionaires are selling Sox merchandise, and food vendors have their sausages cooking. Once inside the park, it's amazing to realize how close all the seats are to the field. People complain about the poles obstructing the view and the grandstand seats being cramped, but these are small inconveniences to put up with for having seats closer to the action. It is such a cozy atmosphere here, especially on days when there is a sellout. The fans are also among the best I've seen at any ballpark. They are there to watch the game and are extremely knowledgeable about the Red Sox team. Another complaint of some fans is the lack of modern amenities, but I think the new ownership has done a nice job of making improvements. Over the past decade, a wider variety of concessions have been brought in, and the bathrooms have been revamped. From a regular fan's perspective, I'm not sure what else you could want. Ticket prices have gotten a bit high in recent years with the best seat going for $85 in 2005. Also, parking around the park is limited and very expensive. Expect to pay $25 or more to park. Taking public transportation is certainly the preferred way to get to Fenway. There had been talks in recent years about building a "new Fenway". But that talk has pretty much ceased and the owners have shown a firm commitment to Fenway Park. With constant renovations and maintenance, this park can remain in use for many more years. And that's definitely the way it should be. I would hate to see the Red Sox calling any other park home.
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