Five County Stadium
Zebulon, North Carolina
Year Opened

Current Team
Carolina Mudcats

Milwaukee Brewers

Carolina League


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My Grades
Stadium C
Atmosphere B
Concessions B+

Photos taken in 2006 & 2017
The best thing that can be said about Five County Stadium is that at least it's a bit different than other parks built in the past 20 years. Built literally in the middle of nowhere, this park sits off a highway 20 miles to the east of Raleigh. Apparently it was built here because of territorial rights that Durham had in Raleigh. A temporary structure stood on this spot until 1999 when a more permanent park was erected.
  • The team has embraced the Mudcats nickname and carried the fishing theme throughout the ballpark, i.e. tickets are called "fishing licenses" and the gift shop is called the "Tackle Box."
  • The field level seats (there are just 5 rows) are close to the action and give you a roof over your head.
  • The water tower beyond the outfield wall has the Mudcats logo painted on it.
  • The video board in left field is one the biggest and most impressive at the minor league level.
  • The team mascot, Muddy, is pretty active and on some nights is accompanied by his friend Mini Muddy.
  • Because of its large size and exposed concrete, the ballpark has a rather sterile feel to it. The team has done a fine job sprucing up the place, but there is still only so much that can be done.
  • Most of the seats are either in the upper deck or the outfield, both of which are a bit far from the field. Unless you are sitting in one of the few seats at field level, it will not feel very intimate.
  • Netting obscures the views of all the seats in the infield - both field level and upper deck. This is unnecessary as the upper deck seats are not that close to the field.
  • The concourse, located at the top of the field level seats, is open to the field in places, but overall does not provide a good place for fans to hang out and watch the game.
  • The atmosphere could be toned down a bit as there was a bit too much music and sound effects for my liking, but at least the ballpark workers were friendly and unobtrusive.
  • The kid’s area consists of one speed pitch inflatable. That’s it. It is rare to see such a minimal play area at a minor league park these days.
  • Keeping with the fish theme, one of the unique items on the concession menu is a catfish sandwich.
  • Of course being in the south, BBQ is also offered. The Grand Slam BBQ Station has pulled pork sandwiches, pork tacos, BBQ nachos, and sweet potato fries.
  • The quality of the concessions seemed to be pretty good and the prices average for minor leagues.
  • All the concession stands also have fish themed names like “Big Bobber Pizza” and "Whiskers Cafe".
  • On busy nights, the concourses can get pretty crowded and lines long. You will definitely want to get your food early on fireworks nights.
  • Certainly it's tough to compete with Durham's ballpark, but Carolina still seems to be a good draw despite a rather mediocre ballpark and a location in the middle of nowhere. While I have enjoyed my visits more than I expected to, there is still quite a lot that could be improved here. Despite being less than 20 years old, it already feels outdated, Hopefully the future will bring some renovations to improve Five County Stadium.
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