Four Winds Field
South Bend, Indiana
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South Bend Cubs

Chicago Cubs

Midwest League


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Stadium B+ Atmosphere B+ Concessions B

Photos taken in 2003
Coveleski Stadium (as it was originally known) is an early rendition of the standard template that has been used by nearly every new ballpark built since 1990. Along with Buffalo's Coca-Cola Field, it put into motion the trend of building new ballparks for minor league teams. While this can be viewed as a mixed blessing due to many old parks being destroyed, overall it has been a positive for minor league baseball. Coveleski Stadium features a covered concourse that runs above the seating area and which is open to the field along both baselines. But unlike the parks built now, the luxury boxes and press box are on the concourse level (instead of being on top of), thus creating a "dark" area behind home plate that is out of view from the playing field. Grassy berms are located in foul territory past the grandstand and in the outfield. The seating is made up of blue folding chairs and metal benches with backs. Sightlines are good, but the seats tend to be a bit cramped. Concessions stands are located along the concourse and offer basic ballpark fare. A grill located in the right field corner sells burger, chicken, and brats, but is not open to the public until after the game starts. Concession prices are about average. Unlike every new park built now, there is no team gift store. Instead there is just a small souvenir stand. The atmosphere is pretty laid back, despite the four different mascots the Silverhawks have (Scoop, Coop, Swoop, and Covey Jr.). Only a couple between inning contests were done and music/sound effects was kept to a minimum. There are two scoreboards in left-center field, but for some reason they are underutilized. Throughout the whole game they just display silly graphics instead of being used to show player photos or statistics. One other complaint I had was that the team was ten minutes late in opening the gates - this is inexcusable. Coveleski Stadium is located just south of downtown South Bend, right next to a train terminal. Parking is provided in surface lots surrounding the park at a cost of $2. While not a great ballpark, Coveleski Stadium did provide the basis for what has become a nice ballpark template. It was way ahead of its time, so every ballpark since has had the opportunity to improve upon it. Maybe someday it will go down as the "grandfather" of the modern ballpark.
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