Fraser Field
Lynn, Massachusetts
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Stadium B+
Atmosphere B-
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Photos taken in 2003
Fraser Field is the former home of a double-A Eastern League team in the early 80's as well as the Massachusetts Mad Dogs of the independent North Atlantic and Northeast Leagues in the late 90's. After a three year absence, baseball returned to Fraser Field in 2003. Over $2 million worth of renovations were put into the park in preparation for the return of pro ball. Included in the renovations were brand new field box seats, a new playing field (including an artificial turf infield), a new scoreboard (with video screen), and a much improved concourse area. Certainly this is a better facility than what existed when the Mad Dogs played here. Most importantly, they have kept the basic structure of the park intact. A cantilevered roof provides a cover for some of the seats, though the it has been cut back due to structural problems in the late 1990's. The seating is made up of fold down chairs and backless bleachers, most with very good sightlines. A football stadium provides the backdrop in center field. The concourse above the seating bowl features a Wall of Fame as well as a few small concession stands. The main concession stands are located behind the grandstand in newly constructed buildings. Food options are plentiful and prices reasonable. The souvenir store is located in a small building on the first base side. The atmosphere was rather typical of a minor league game in the northeast : a few between inning games and lots of bad music being blared. One annoying aspect was the public address announcers. They had at least four different ones the day I went, and all felt the need to talk too much. I could have done without the 20 warnings not to run in the stands or stick my hands in the backstop netting. Parking is only available in small lots around the park and costs $2 or $3. On the whole, a nice old-time minor league park that has been enhanced greatly by the recent renovations. Unfortunately the owner of the Spirit (the last team to play here) had no clue how to run a profitable business. Despite averaging 2300 fans in '07, the team folded after the season. Fraser Field is now left to just host amateur baseball.
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