HoHoKam Park
Mesa, Arizona
Year Opened

Current Team
Oakland Athletics (Spring Home)




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My Grades
Stadium B-
Atmosphere A
Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2009
HoHoKam Park may not be the slickest or most comfortable ballpark is use in the Cactus League, but this does not seem to stop Cubs fans from coming out. Of course, why would it ? They are already used to an old park in Wrigley Field, so why wouldnít they love HoHoKam Park as well. As with Wrigley, HoHoKam Park has some troubles with bigger crowds, but this is just a minor complaint. Most of the Cactus League parks are becoming generic, so itís nice to see one that is a bit different. It is located in a residential section of Mesa, meaning parking is not all in one place. The team does have one big lot that they charge $5 for, but you will also see many other options available in private lots. The ballpark itself lacks some modern amenities such as luxury boxes and a concourse which overlooks the field, but recent renovations have added a large berm in the outfield. Unfortunately, for fans wanting to chase batting practice balls, nobody is allowed on the berms until after BP is over. The main seating bowl is split into two levels with a narrow walkway providing the divide. Seats are split between fold downs and benches (with backs), and metal bleachers. A small roof provides shade for fans in the back rows of the seating bowl. The concourse area is mostly located underneath the seating bowl and is covered. It is actually quite reminiscent of Wrigley Field in that sense. With large crowds, this area can become very crowded. The left field concourse, which is uncovered, contains many of the unique concession stands, while the main concourse holds many of the more normal concessions. Overall there is a great variety of concessions, though prices seemed to be a bit on the high side. On the plus side, portions seemed large and the quality is good. Some of the unique food options include pork tenderloin sandwiches, Chicago dogs (of course), BBQ nachos, Chinese sobo noodles, and the tastiest kettle korn Iíve ever tasted. A large beer garden is located behind the right field fence. Also, the centerfield concourse features a large concession stand, so fans sitting on the berm do not need to venture too far when they get hungry. Two gift stores are located along the concourse behind home plate. The atmosphere here is similar to what youíll find at Wrigley. Fans seem to have a great time, but are also passionately rooting for their Cubbies. HoHoKam Park is definitely a park worth checking out, if for no other reason than because itís different than other Cactus League parks. Unfortunately, the Cubs are threatening to move if further improvements arenít made to the ballpark. And move they did in 2014 as a brand new ballpark was built in Mesa for them. Meanwhile, renovations were underway at HoHoKam Park to ready the ballpark for the arrival of the Oakland Athletics in 2015.
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