Hunter Wright Stadium
Kingsport, Tennessee
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Photos taken in 2013
Hunter Wright Stadium is exactly what you would expect from an Appalachian League park - it is a basic, no frills ballpark which provides a laid back atmosphere and a lively, enthusiastic crowd. Originally knows as Kingsport Sports Complex, the name was changed to honor the long-time mayor of Kingsport. Hunter Wright Stadium is one of four Appalachian League parks within about a 20 mile radius, joining Johnson City, Elizabethton, and Bristol. Among the four, this is the newest. The seating is all metal with bucket seats behind home plate and bleachers down both lines. It is set in a secluded area of the town and about the only scenery around the park is trees and some newly constructed elderly housing.


  • Sightlines are excellent here - probably the best of any park in the Appy League. The seating bowl has a steep pitch and the screen behind home plate only extends to the start of the dugouts on each side. Fans can also stand above the concourse on the first base side and still see the action on the field.
  • The newly added pavilion on the first base side adds some character to the park. It is used for groups, but when not reserved (which is probably most of the time) fans can sit down at the picnic tables and enjoy their food and beverage. The pavilion is also home to the Biggies stand, where a local restaurant serves up some tasty grilled concessions.
  • The fans that attend K-Mets games are definitely not there to be cool or be seen. They are there to watch the game and support the young players on their way up. It makes for a very pleasant night at the ballpark when the majority of fans are into the game.
  • Its bucolic location gives the ballpark a very peaceful feel - the only sounds you hear are those of the baseball game.
  • The game presentation features a few between inning contests and some music, but nothing that will detract from the overall game experience. It just has a very authentic minor league feel.
  • Prices are dirt cheap. Tickets are only $4-$6 and most concession items are less than $5. Certainly taking in a K-Mets game is cheaper than taking the family to a movie.
  • In front of the park is small statue of a kid playing ball. I'm not sure of the significance of the statue, but it looked pretty cool !


  • The seating is not the most comfortable as the majority of it is made up of benches. But among Appy League parks, this is actually one of the more comfortable.
  • There is very little covering in case it rains. Other than the pavilion and a small area near the main concession stand, there is no place for fans to take cover in case of inclement weather.


  • The main concession stand is located in the tunnel area behind home plate. Also in this area is a stand which serves up grilled pretzels - that's something you can't find at many ballparks !
  • On the first base concourse is the Beach Hut shaved ice truck which serves up some of the biggest portions I've ever seen. They also have over 20 different flavors to choose from. This is a big hit with the kids, and for just $3 parents don't have to think twice about allowing them to indulge.
  • The Biggies stand, located right outside the pavilion, offers cheese steaks, grilled roast beef sandwiches, as well as Italian sausages. I sampled one of the cheese steaks and have to admit it was one of the best I've ever had at a ballpark (outside of Philadelphia).
  • Also on the first base concourse is a beer stand. Apparently selling beer is new for the 2013 season.
  • The main concession stands offers up hot dogs, burgers, nachos, BBQ pork sandwiches, baked potatoes, pizza, and "Taco in a Helmet" (similar to a walking taco but served in a medium size helmet).

Hunter Wright Stadium has a very unassuming appearance, but I really enjoyed my visit. Among the Appy League parks, it is certainly one of my favorites. Unfortunately, with the minor league restructuring of 2021, Kingsport lost their pro team and will likely never see one again.

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