Kauffman Stadium
Kansas City, Missouri
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Kansas City Royals


American League


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Stadium A-
Atmosphere B+
Concessions B+

Photos taken in 2009
For a stadium that was built in the early 1970's, Kauffman Stadium has really held up to the test of time quite well. And that was before $300 million worth of renovations that were completed before the 2009 season. There was some debate about whether they should build a new downtown park or renovate, but I think they made the right decision. While I don't care for the location of Kauffman Stadium, it is still a fine place to take in a game and really is one of the more unique parks in the majors, mostly due to the fountains in the outfield. It is situated in a parking lot next to Arrowhead Stadium and at the intersection of two major interstates. The park still has a very plain exterior, but the inside more than makes up for this. Behind the right field and left field fences are large fountains and in center field there is an impressive crown shaped videoboard (new in 2009) . The concourse area on the main level is in view of the playing field - the way current ballparks are built, but not ones built in the early 1970's. The concourse features an excellent selection of food and souvenirs, most of which are reasonably priced. As part of the recent renovations, an outfield concourse was added as well. Included in this are new concession stands, statues of several Royal greats (including George Brett and Frank White), and a large kids play area. In fact, if there is one complaint I have about the new renovations it is that they put in too many distractions for people. This is unnecessary at a major league park – even the home of the Royals, a team that has been lousy for many years. The renovations also included the construction of a Royals Hall of Fame (which wasn't open when I visited in April '09), new outfield seating and widening of the concourses. All in all, the renovations have only enhanced an already fine ballpark. Some have complained that adding the outfield seating has taken away the serenity of the backdrop (which had been just grass and fountains), but I didn't have a problem with this. I'm sure glad my visits here were after the natural grass was installed. Having artificial turf here must have given the park a completely different feel. Even with the all the new ballparks that have been built in recent years, Kauffman Stadium remains one of my favorites – there really is no other park like it. To see photos of Kauffman Stadium before the 2009 renovations, click here.
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