LaGrave Field
Fort Worth, Texas
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Photos taken in 2004
This LaGrave Field is the second version of a ballpark on the same location. The previous ballpark was used from the 1940's to the 1960's to also host a minor league team named the Cats. After being torn down, this spot of land remained unused for many years until the new Cats came along in 2002. Certainly the team could not have found a better location to build the new ballpark. With the history of baseball on this site and the view of the Fort Worth skyline, it is just about perfect. LaGrave Field is a rather funky ballpark that really does not feel like any other. It has some elements of the standard new ballpark template, but also has some elements that make it unique. Overall, the park feels a bit chopped up due to the different seating sections. The reserved box seats offer the best sightlines in the park. The field box seats, located down the right field line, are close to the field, but are not sloped enough. Bleachers in left field and right field complete the seating. The right field bleacher section has a nice roof overhead making for a very distinct look. But the most unique feature of LaGrave Field is probably the location of the two luxury suites. The dugouts from the original park were salvaged and converted into suites. These suites sit directly next to the new dugouts. The concourse overlooks the field and is also covered by a newly added roof. Concession stands dot the concourse, though strangely none of them are permanent. The exterior of the ballpark is also very distinct with its sandy brown color, green roof, and white lattice. Concessions at LaGrave Field are average at best. The variety is limited (BBQ and brats being the only unique items) and quality is not great. The Cats have really tried to emphasize their tradition and make the ballpark experience an "old-time" one. And they have done a pretty good job at it. The atmosphere is very laid back and there seem to be many loyal followers. Several on-field contests are done and there is a mascot (Dodger) wondering around, but neither take away from the baseball experience. My only minor complaint is with the price of parking - $3 is a little high for a Central League park when most teams in the league don't charge at all. Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to the new LaGrave Field. A quirky ballpark and a relaxing atmosphere combine to make this a wonderful place to take in a game. Unfortunately, the future of LaGrave Field is now in some doubt as no baseball will be played here in 2015. There has been talk about redeveloping the land (and thus tearing the park down), though not sure how realistic this is. Hopefully another league will look to put a team here in 2016.
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