Lindquist Field
Ogden, Utah
Year Opened

Current Team
Ogden Raptors

Los Angeles Dodgers

Pioneer League


Location Map

My Grades
Stadium A-
Atmosphere C+
Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2006
In terms of settings, ballparks don't get much better than Lindquist Field. Being in Utah, where there are numerous mountain ranges, this is not surprising. The closeup view of the surrounding mountains combined with the downtown location make the setting almost perfect. And the ballpark itself isn't too bad either. It features a large grandstand full of box seats with a roof to cover the last several rows of seating. There are also metal bleachers down each line, though these feel a bit detached from the main grandstand. A small grassy berm in the right field area completes the seating. The seats are close to the field, but netting setup all around the field obscure the views a bit. Unlike other new parks, the concourse is not located in view of the field. Instead, it is located behind the grandstand. It is covered and features several concession stands. There is also a picnic area in the left field corner which serves concessions. Food options include burgers, sausages, chicken, and Mexican. The quality is good and the prices reasonable. Unfortunately, the prices were not as reasonable on everything. Reserved tickets are $8 and programs are $5, both of which seemed a little high for the Pioneer League. Curiously lacking is a team store. Instead, there is just a stand along the concourse which offers team merchandise. The ballpark and setting I liked a lot. But I did not care for the atmosphere. While the team did the standard on field games, there were too many annoying sound effects. Also, the fans seemed passionate, but some of their chants were childish and got old by the 3rd inning. Another complaint I had was with the ushers. Besides their ugly outfits (bright orange vests), they were also a bit too aggressive in ticketing people. But overall, these were just minor complaints. The splendid setting (especially as the sun sets) dominates the experience for me. Bottom line, Lindquist Field is just a really cool place to take in a game.
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