Luther Williams Field
Macon, Georgia
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Photos taken in 1999
Luther Williams Field must look very similar to when it was built 70 years ago. The original covered grandstand still stands, though a new tin roof has replaced the wood. An old black iron gate surrounds the field - the front of which says "Macon Base Ball Park". This is a real gem of a park. The day I attended a game here it was rainy so I probably didn't get the full experience. But I enjoyed the park, nonetheless. The majority of the seating is located under the grandstand behind homeplate, while there is limited seating down the lines on small aluminum bleachers. A picnic area is situated past third base down the left field line. The uncovered concourse area is in between the iron gate and the grandstand. It contains 2 main concession stands as well as a few other small ones offering such items as french fries and ice cream. A small souvenir stand is also located in the concourse. There are 5 rows of box seats that are very close to the action, while the rest of the seating under the grandstand is benches with backs. Certainly the box seats are preferable here, and only about a $1 more than the GA seats. There were no between inning promotions, and very few sound effects. But I'm not sure that this is the norm, as it was a rainy day with very few people in attendance. And surprisingly, no mascot - one of the few teams left without one. Hopefully they don't change a thing here, because it is one of the most beautiful small parks that I've seen. Unfortunately, the Braves left after the '02 season for Rome. Since then, Macon has had a couple opportunities with pro ball as the Macon Peaches of the ill-fated Southeastern League played at Luther Williams in '03 and in 2007, it was home to the Macon Music of the upstart South Coast League. Unfortunately, the team and league only lasted one season.
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