MCU Park
Brooklyn, New York
Year Opened

Current Team
Brooklyn Cyclones

New York Mets

South Atlantic League


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My Grades
Stadium A-
Atmosphere C-
Concessions B

Photos taken in 2005 & 2008
Professional baseball returned to Brooklyn in 2001 with the help of this brand new park located in the Coney Island section. And the setting does not get much better than what fans have at MCU Park (formerly Keyspan Park). It is located right next to the Astroland amusement park which provides the backdrop in left field. The ocean and a boardwalk provide a unique backdrop over the right field field fence. But the best aspect of MCU Park is that it's a bit different from other new parks. They really tried to incorporate it into the surrounding area, and therefore were able to add some unique touches. The exterior is not entirely red brick as found in so many new parks - it is offset by some light brown concrete as well as neon signs that light it up. And the front of the park houses several restaurants, something I've never seen incorporated at a minor league park. The inside of the park is setup in a rather typical fashion - an open concourse overlooking the field with luxury boxes stacked on top. But instead of spreading out the luxury boxes down both lines, they are instead stacked two high, therefore the concourse is not covered as far down the lines. Further down each line on both sides (past the bases), are large wavy awnings which provide additional cover. Bleacher seats are located behind the right field fence. The concourse area has plenty of concession stands with a decent variety of food items. Nathan's hot dogs are certainly the favorite, but other food options available include cheese steaks, chicken wraps, burgers, and Italian sausages. The one problem with the concourse area is that it is simply too narrow. With crowds of 7,000+ on most nights, maneuvering around the concourse can be a bit slow. With so many fans these days more interested in wandering rather than watching the game, it just becomes too crowded. Despite being in a large city, prices are no higher here than at other nearby minor league parks in Hudson Valley and New Jersey. Underneath the luxury boxes the concourse is lit by florescent colored lights to fit in with the neon signage of the neighboring amusement park. Neon is also present on the light poles as large colored rings surround the top of each standard. The park also features a multi-leveled gift shop, stocked with tons of merchandise. The atmosphere at MCU Park was pretty good the first few years, but has taken a significant downturn recently. During my visit in 2008, it was quite difficult to even focus on the game because of all the music being blared and fans who had more interest in socializing than watching the game. In addition, the team now employs one of the most obnoxious, over-the-top onfield DJ's that I've ever seen. With how loud he was screaming, I don't think he realized that he even had a mic in his hand. In a city that has major league teams, there is no reason to go so overboard with the between inning antics. Needless to say, MCU Park is not a very relaxing place to see a game. Parking is a reasonable $5 (for NYC), and is quite plentiful. The Cyclones have done a superb job of making this park fit into its Coney Island surroundings. And the fans have certainly taken to it, as almost every game is a sellout. From a setting perspective, this is a very pleasant place to see a game. But combined with the awful atmosphere, it has dropped a notch in my book. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to recommend MCU Park as a "must-see".
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