Municipal Stadium
Greenville, South Carolina
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Photos taken in 1999
Municipal Stadium is one of those typical 1980's parks built before there was any care put into parks. This means a completely uncovered grandstand and rather poor seating. The stadium is actually built into a bowl, however, so you enter at the top of the seating area. At least the concourse area is in view of the playing field. They have plenty of concession stands located in the concourse area. The selection of food is excellent and reasonably priced. unfortunately this is probably the best aspect about the park. The seating bowl does not go right down to the field making all seats rather far from the action. Besides the bad sightlines, the seats are a bit cramped and uncomfortable. The backdrop for the stadium is about as boring as the park itself - just bunch of trees. There was a limited amount of between inning contests the night I was here, but this was probably because the Zooperstars were on hand to entertain. And not only do the G-Braves have a mascot, they have 2 - what could be better ?! They are Tommy Hawk and Ding Bat - both who appeared to be completely useless. Tommy Hawk only made one appearance - to lose in the Race The Mascot contest. Greenville has done a fine job with the park they have, but with the beautiful new parks that are being built now, this just doesn't compare. Which is why when the current owners could not get a new park built, they moved to Pearl (MS) where a new one awaited them. But it didn't take long for other franchises to show interest in the Greenville market. In 2005, the Capital City Bombers moved here while awaiting a new ballpark to be built in downtown. The team moved to the new ballpark for the '06 season at which time they renamed themselves the Greenville Drive.
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