NBT Bank Stadium
Syracuse, New York
Year Opened

Current Team
Syracuse Mets

New York Mets

International League


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My Grades
Stadium B+
Atmosphere B+
Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2010
NBT Bank Stadium, home of the Syracuse Mets, replaced one of the finest old ballparks in the country - MacArthur Stadium. NBT Bank Stadium was built right next door, and now a parking lot is where the old park used to be (unfortunately no historical marker has been placed on the former site). For anyone that ever attended a game at the MacArthur it's a rather sad sight. The new stadium is almost identical to Harbor Park in Norfolk, except for the backdrop is not nearly as nice here. The stadium is double decked and is made up entirely of individual fold down seats. Tickets prices are very reasonably priced, cheaper than some A-League teams. Because of sagging attendance, the upper deck is now entirely sold as general admission. The concourse area is directly below the upper deck, and is is full view of the playing field just as in Norfolk. This is where all the concession and souvenir stands are located. With large crowds it can feel a bit cramped and lines can be a bit long, but that is rare. A restaurant is housed in a building far down the right field line. Concessions include brats, BBQ, roast beef sandwiches, and chicken fingers. Prices are reasonable and quality is quite good. The backdrop of NBT Bank Stadium is not much to speak of - just trees. There are railroad tracks that runs behind the stadium as well, but the trees block the view of the trains unfortunately. In terms of atmosphere, it is pretty laid back as is the case with most AAA ballparks. There are a couple of on-field contests, and several lucky number giveaways throughout the night. A mascot, Scooch was also on hand to entertain the kids. I have no idea what he is supposed to be, though. Originally NBT Bank Stadium had artificial turf (as seen here and here), but real grass was installed before the 2008 season, thus enhancing this ballpark even further in my book. It lacks a wraparound concourse, but otherwise there is nothing inherently wrong with this ballpark. It is a perfectly fine AAA ballpark.
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