Nettleton Stadium
Chico, California
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Stadium C
Atmosphere A-
Concessions B

Photos taken in 2010
Nettleton Stadium is a non-descript college facility that really is just masking as a pro ballpark. For a college venue, it may be top-notch, but as a minor league one, not so much. That said, the Chico Outlaws are perennially one of the top draws in the Golden League, so the franchise must be doing something right. Located on the campus of Cal State Chico, Nettleton Stadium features three separate grandstand sections, each made up solely of metal bleachers. All have backs and the ones behind home plate also have arm rests. There are also a few stadium style seats located at field level, but these do not seem to offer the best views. Though sightlines aren't great from anywhere here due to the large amount of netting which extends almost all the way down both lines. A large picnic area is located past the first base grandstand, though I'm not sure you can really see the game from there. One piece of advice - if you come for a night game, you will want to sit on the first base side. Otherwise you will likely roast in the desert sun as there is no shade to be found in the uncovered seating areas. Concessions here are good and for those who don't like missing any of the game, there are plenty of waitresses running around who will take your order and bring your food right to you. Food options include tri-tip sandwiches, burgers, corn dogs, and Domino's pizza. Prices are reasonable, though it would be nice to be able to get a hot dog for less than $4. For an independent league park, the atmosphere is surprisingly laid back. There are no annoying sound effects and just a few between inning contests. The interns tried to act as cheerleaders, but it wasn't really necessary as fans seemed into the game and knew when to cheer. The Outlaws also have a mascot, Rascal, which is a raccoon. A play area for kids is located in the left field corner, but curiously the jump castle has the logo of the Reno Silver Sox on it. Could the team really not afford to get one with their own logo ? Overall Nettleton Stadium is a serviceable ballpark, but one that lacks any memorable features.
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