Pfitzner Stadium
Woodbridge, Virginia
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Stadium D
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Photos taken in 1999
Do you like to sweat ? If so, go to Pfitzner Stadium for a day game in July. I was lucky enough to go here on July 4th of '99 for a 6:00 start. And it was still uncomfortable. I can't imagine what it must have been like the next two days as they had day games scheduled when the temps were supposed to reach 105 degrees. The reason Pfitzner Stadium is so hot is because of all the metal and the fact that none of the seats are covered. It is a very cheaply made, typical park of the mid 1980's. The seating is almost exclusively metal bleachers - some with backs. There are some box seats behind home plate, and a few field box seats down each line that are individual seats. But the rest is metal, so when the sun hits it, the metal just bakes and seats become very uncomfortable. Besides the seating being hot, it also cramped. At least there is a concourse area that is covered, though a bit cramped when there is a big crowd on hand. There are concession stands located here as well as on an outer concourse area. The outer concourse also features a small souvenir shop. A picnic area is located far down the line in right field. The setting for Pfitzner Stadium is odd. It is located in Woodbridge which feels like an emerging suburb. But the park is really in the middle of nowhere, yet is literally surrounded by three softball fields. This makes the parking a little further from the park than it otherwise would be. Pfitzner Stadium is just not a pleasant place to see a game and is made worse on a hot day. It is no wonder that the owner is looking to get a new stadium built. Even though the crowds are good, they could certainly be better with the huge population base of Washington, DC to draw from. I'll go back when they have a new stadium, but certainly not before. Plans have been unveiled for a new ballpark, but as of 2016 there was still no timetable for when it might be built. It's really a shame as The Pfitz is one of the worst ballparks in use in the affiliated minors. Finally, the franchise will be moving to a new ballpark in Fredericksburg, scheduled to be completed in 2020.
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