Security Bank Ballpark
Midland, Texas
Year Opened

Current Team
Midland Rockhounds

Oakland Athletics

Texas League


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My Grades
Stadium A-
Atmosphere A-
Concessions A

Photos taken in 2004
Security Bank Ballpark is a nice enough new ballpark, but one that simply failed to excite me. Maybe it's because the setting is so boring. Or maybe it's just because it follows the same template that dozens of other new ballparks have followed. It is set on the west side of town in a big parking lot next to a football stadium that was built at the same time. Both have nice brick exteriors that complement one another well. Inside, fans enter on the concourse level which overlooks the field. Luxury boxes are stacked over the concourse and a roof extends over the suites as well as the last few rows of seating. Seats are all fold down blue chairs. While all seats are close to the field, almost all sightlines are obstructed by the netting which runs to the end of each dugout. As is becoming customary at new parks, the concourse circles the entire park allowing for grassy berms for fans to sit on during the game. Because there were no space restrictions, the architects made a wise decision to set some of concession stands back from the concourse. This serves the dual purpose of relieving congestion and allowing the winds to move through the ballpark and cool it off some. Unfortunately, the architects also got a bit too cute in places, i.e. the bullpens create juts in the outfield fence that are unnecessary and feel purely contrived. Concessions at Security Bank Ballpark are quite good - prices are cheap and the quality is above average. Selections include BBQ, pizza, Mexican, and Chick-Fil-A. In addition to the usual concession stands, a restaurant (which is open to the public) is also located behind homeplate. The atmosphere in Midland is an interesting one - fans seemed to arrive late, but once they showed up they were very vocal. The team used the typical between inning contests to entertain the fans - Race The Mascot, Dizzy bat race, Let's Make A Deal, etc. Overall, First American Bank Ballpark is a pleasant place to see a game, but I found there was little to distinguish it from numerous other new parks.
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