The Ballpark at Arlington
Arlington, Texas
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My Grades
Stadium B+
Atmosphere B+
Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2000
Because the Ballpark At Arlington was built on an open piece of land, the designers were allowed to make the park quite large. And what they have come up with is a park that feels huge, especially when circling the outside or the concourse area. However, once inside the seating area it doesn't feel much bigger than Yankee Stadium or US Cellular Field. While many have complained that the park lacks continuity because they copied from several older parks, I disagree. I think it feels right. Without the right field porch (like in Tiger Stadium), this park would be lacking much uniqueness. Even the office building in center field seems to fit in. I've heard people say that they shouldn't have built it, and instead left center field open. I see no problem with enclosing the park, especially since there wouldn't be a backdrop anyhow. The concourse area is very wide and filled with numerous concession and souvenir stands. Even with large crowds, the concourse could never feel crowded. The food selections are well varied, though on the expensive side. They do allow for coolers to be brought into the park, though, so it is certainly not necessary to cough up money for food. A large souvenir store is located in center field. One whole side of it is a glass wall that looks out into the park. As with most major league parks, any seats not on the first level feel like they are a long ways from the field. The Ballpark At Arlington has a great sound system which the Rangers like to show off my blaring music through it between innings and sometimes batters. Parking is reasonable at $6. Overall, a nice newer ballpark with many unique aspects.
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