U.S. Baseball Park
Ozark, Missouri
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Stadium B
Atmosphere B+
Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2000
Price Cutter Park (now known as U.S. Baseball Park) is a rather basic ballpark by today's standards. There are no luxury boxes and no fancy facade, though it is built in a similar way to other new parks. It is built into a bowl with the uncovered concourse overlooking the field. The seating bowl is a bit steep and is split into two sections by a useless center concourse. The box seats are the molded plastic chairs (not fold-downs) while the reserved seats are benches with backs. There are grassy areas for overflow crowds down both lines, though it doesn't look as if it would be too comfortable as it is quite steep. A nice scoreboard is located in right field and is used for more than just advertising. A good amount of player stats and info was provided on the scoreboard. The concourse area is very spacious and features two large concession stands, a bar-like restaurant, a picnic area, and a small but nice souvenir store. The ballpark was built right off Rt 65 and is visible from the highway. It faces away from the highway, so the backdrop is nothing special - just some condos off in the distance. Access to the ballpark is easy, but getting out after the game can take time as there is only one road out. Because the players do not get paid much in the independent leagues, the Ducks find it necessary to reward the players by passing the "Duck"et for a good performance by a Ducks pitcher. One annoying aspect was the chant the PA announcer yelled after every foul ball into the crowd - he would yell "Ozark Dairy Queen" and then the crowd was supposed to yell "Foul Ball !". That got tiring by the bottom of the first inning. Other than that, I have no complaints about the park - it's a clean, comfortable, no-frills park to see a game at. With the arrival of a team in nearby Springfield, Price Cutter will probably not see pro baseball again. In 2016, the ballpark received $3 million in renovations, which included an artificial turf field and a new video board. Since 2016, it has been home to the Show-Me Collegiate League.
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