Victory Field
Indianapolis, Indiana
Year Opened

Current Team
Indianapolis Indians

Pittsburgh Pirates

International League


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My Grades
Stadium A Atmosphere A- Concessions A-

Photos taken in 1998
Victory Field has to be one of the finest of the new ballparks in the country. Nestled in the downtown, it has a great backdrop of tall buildings in center field and the RCA Dome in right field. The main entrance to the park is located in center field making it a unique park from the moment you step foot in it. A concourse runs 360 degrees around the stadium, and is covered where the seating sections are, similar to new parks in Norfolk and Syracuse. There is an upper deck that runs down both lines, and that feels surprisingly close to the field. Also, there is a grassy berm in the outfield extending from foul pole to foul pole providing more seating. The concourse area consists of a good variety of food offerings, as well as a couple of souvenir stands, and a nice gift shop. Though the prices were at the major league level (if not higher) for most food. A large modern scoreboard is located in right field, which makes it a little difficult to see for those along the first base line. I wish it were located more towards center field. Without any auxiliary scoreboards, it becomes a pain to constantly turn your head to see the count. Hopefully they will consider putting in a couple small scoreboards at some point. Between inning promotions were limited, but a mascot was also on hand to entertain and throw things into the stands. His name is Rowdie, but nobody seems to know what he is - it's certainly not an Indian. Of the new ballparks I've been to, Victory Field is certainly one of the best.
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