Wrigley Field
Chicago, Illinois
Year Opened

Current Team
Chicago Cubs


National League


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My Grades
Stadium A+
Atmosphere A+
Concessions A

Photos taken in 2009 & 2005 & 2007
Putting the Wrigley Field experience into words is almost impossible to do. It is truly a place that requires you to be there to absorb the atmosphere and take it all in. Pictures and words cannot do it justice. That said, I have to make a few comments about it. Wrigley Field is my second favorite park, behind only Fenway Park. The setting, the fans, the atmosphere, and the park itself, all contribute to making this a fabulous place to see a game. Set in a residential area of the northern part of Chicago, the streets come alive hours before game time. Small bars and restaurants are packed, and vendors have all their souvenirs out for sale. Once inside, you won't find any flashy scoreboards or brightly colored ads (although they have recently added small color message boards). Almost all you'll see is green - from the seats to the scoreboard to the ivy on the walls. The seats here are almost all close to the field and unobstructed. Yes, there are some poles, but they should be tolerated for the proximity to the field. Even the upper deck seats here feel close to the action. The concourse area can get a bit cramped with big crowds, but no more so than other brand new parks like Minute Maid Park and PNC Park. Concessions here are well varied and reasonably priced - especially for the first hour after gates open when all food is 25% off. Brats, Chicago dogs, and Italian beef sandwiches are some of the speciality items that can be found at the concession stands. Fans here are knowledgeable and into the game, especially when their Cubbies are winning. The scoreboard in center field is all hand operated except for a small message board at the bottom. You won't hear any Cub owners crying for a new ballpark. They know that the biggest reason the fans come out is for the park. Hopefully nothing will ever change here - a baseball game at Wrigley Field is a unique and wonderful experience that every baseball fan should witness at least once in their lifetime.
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