Coca-Cola Field
Buffalo, New York
Year Opened

Current Team
Buffalo Bisons

New York Mets

International League


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My Grades
Stadium A- Atmosphere A- Concessions A

Photos taken in 1989 & 1996
As close to the feel of a major league stadium as one will find in the minors. A fine facility on the whole, Pilot Field (now know as Coca-Cola field) is set in downtown Buffalo. With a capacity of 20,000+ it is one of the biggest minor league stadiums, and is annually among the attendance leaders in the minors. Most of the seating is on the field level, with some club level seating. A large concourse area houses a great variety of food and concession stands. A restaurant also resides on the premises down the right field line. Most of the seats in the stadium provide a view similar to what you would find in a major league stadium, certainly not typical of the intimacy of the lower minor leagues. The atmosphere is great with many promotions and fans who seem to enjoy the games. Ticket prices are quite low for such an outstanding facility and high level of minor league ball. Overall a great place to see a baseball game, but one that would be very well suited for the Majors instead of the minors. Unfortunately, it appears that Buffalo will not see a major league team any time soon.
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