Applebee's Park
Lexington, Kentucky
Year Opened

Current Team
Lexington Legends

Houston Astros

South Atlantic League


My Grades
Stadium B- Atmosphere C Concessions B+

Photos taken in 2001
Confusing. It's probably not the best way to remember a park, but it's certainly how I'll remember my first visit to Applebee's Park. Not built using the standard new ballpark template, the concourse runs behind and beneath the seating area, very similar to Rochester's Frontier Field. You enter on the concourse and go down to the box seats and up to the reserved seats. And it was the seating that confused me so much. In most of the sections, it is not possible to jump from section to section without going back to the concourse, and entering via a different set of stairs. In the case of the reserved seats, the stairway entrances were not in front of the sections, but rather on the sides or in the back (off the main concourse). And I clearly wasn't the only one confused as I saw numerous people entering the wrong section and asking ushers for directions to their seats. Which is maybe why they needed so many ushers - I don't think I've seen this many even at a Major League game ! The setting for this new park is right next to a small shopping center on the outskirts of the city. There is no view to speak of. The steep slope of most of the seats provide for good sightlines, though the foul territory is a bit too large. Concessions are well varied, though the prices are a little on the expensive side. A roomy souvenir store is also located off the concourse area. Being a relatively new team, the Legends do the typical, silly on field promotions which newcomers to the minors still laugh at. Parking is plentiful, but not cheap at $3. It certainly seems that the team feels that they can charge whatever they want, but I'm sure in time they will come down on their prices. For the South Atlantic League, this is one of the better parks, but simply doesn't rank up there with many of the new parks built over the last few years.
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