Sovereign Bank Stadium
York, Pennsylvania
Year Opened

Current Team
York Revolution


Atlantic League


My Grades
Stadium A- Atmosphere C+ Concessions B-

Photos taken in 2007
After many years of discussion, a new ballpark finally opened in York in 2007. However, it was a month late in opening and parts of it remained unfinished throughout the inaugural season. Even so, it is easy to see that Sovereign Bank Stadium will be a top notch facility when it finally is completed. With a name like Sovereign Bank you might expect to see lots of advertising for car loans, mortgages, free insurance quotes and other commercial items, but there are very few. Located just north of the downtown, the ballpark was squeezed into a city block so has a rather small footprint. Parking can be found in various small lots, both north and south of the ballpark, for $3 - $5. The exterior of the stadium is done in the familiar red brick, but none of the landscaping had been completed upon my visit. Inside, the structure of the ballpark is very similar to all the rest of the Atlantic League ballparks. While not possible to completely circle the park yet via the concourse, it will be once everything is complete. The most unique aspect of the ballpark is the "Green Monster" lookalike in left field, known as the "Arch Nemesis" (because it is adjacent to Arch Street). I don't mind them putting up a big wall, but couldn't they be a bit more original ? Why does it have to be green and have a manual scoreboard just like the one at Fenway ? Next to the "Arch Nemesis" is a huge play area for the kids, complete with a carousel. The concourse around the infield is a bit narrow, but this is mostly because of the temporary concession kiosks that have been setup. The concession stand on the 3rd base side has not opened yet, but once it does, it should open up more space on the concourse. Seating is all fold down chairs, but the sightlines are rather poor for a new ballpark. For some reason, the architect decided to angle the seats down the lines towards the infield. This causes one of the outfield corners to be obscured for almost all fans. There is also a large picnic area in the RF corner and a berm (no grass yet) behind the right field fence. A small team store is located behind home plate, but seemed to be a bit messy. Concession choices include Italian sausages, pizza, burgers, and funnel cake. Prices and quality were about average. As with many new ballparks, the atmosphere was a bit over the top. There was constant sound effects while the home team was batting, which was very annoying. Some between inning games were done, but they were all the ordinary ones you'd expect to see. The team does have a mascot, but he wasn't seen much. The most amusing thing for me was watching the fans do the wave in the bottom of 9th inning while the Revolution were in the middle of the rally ! Could the fans have been that bored ? Just odd. Certainly Sovereign Bank Stadium was a bit on the rough side when I visited in 2007, but I'm sure once the unfinished parts are completed, it will be much better. I'm be sure to get back for a visit in the future, by which time they have hopefully toned down the sound effects a bit !
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